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As we age, one of the most common problems preventing us from remaining in our OWN home is the inability to bathe independently and safely. Bathtub Solutions has Two Options to remedy this.

The first option is to convert the bathtub into a walk-in shower. This is accomplished by removing a section of the bathtub and installing one of the step conversions shown below. The Safeway step example creates a pass through 24 inches wide and approximately 8 inches deep. On the next two examples, the green tub and the following white tub, a section of the bathtub is removed. Then we fabricate a custom step that looks like the bathtub was manufactured that way. With this installation we are able to make the step lower to the floor.

The second option is to install the Safeway Tub Door which allows ease of access into the bathtub and yet enjoy a bath. These are the last two pictures on this page. Both options eliminate the "step over, and into" the bathtub - less chance of falling.

No costly bathroom renovation, completion in one day.

We also install custom grab bars, bench bathtub seat, and hand held shower.

tub cut
Safeway Step
tub cut
Any Size Cut-out You want - Custom Sizing
Bath Tub Before
This is the Custom Step After
Bath Tub Before
after tub cut
This is the Custom Step After

The Safeway Tub Door is a product and installation method designed to provide an economical renovation option for individuals and facilities interested in easier access into the bathtub area.
The Safeway Tub Door is a perfect option to retrofit your bath tub into a walk in shower.
Installing the Safeway Tub Door creates a pass-through 17 inches wide and approximately 9 inches deep.
The Safeway Tub Door uses a compression latch to secure the door in a closed position. The door is hinged on either the right of left side to allow for greater accessibility.
The installation of the Safeway Tub Door is completed in one day and can be used the following day.

bath tub with door closed
Safeway Tub Door Installation
bath tub before
Another Safeway Tub Door Installation
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